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This special Hangout is a follow-up to the prescription of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA concerning the holding of a frank and sincere dialogue between the Youth and the Government with the aim of removing all uncertainties and giving the right information to the Youth regarding the policies set up for their supervision. It should be noted that these exchanges also concern the Youth of the Diaspora.

The Youth………s are on board😎

The stage is set

<<The child stands up leaning on the knees of his elders >>

This is the Proposal of the voice of the Youth, Fadimatou IYAWA OUSMANOU President of the CNJC, who thanks the members of the government for the organization of this framework of exchanges. <>.

She also thanked the Head of State for his constant concern for young people. To her young peers, she invited them to get information at the right counter while holding on to their elders.

1st Question Time

Young people take turns at the lectern to ask their concerns to members of the Government.

It is asked how a young student can become an entrepreneur under the One Student One Enterprise Programme.

The question addressed to MINJEC concerns the advantages of the Biometric Youth Card and how to obtain it….

MINJEC responds….

In his speech, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU said that the Biometric Youth Card is a device set up by the Government through the Triennial Special Youth Plan. The aim is to offer young people easy access to goods and services through preferential prices at reduced or zero cost.
Thus, in its implementation, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU said that currently the work is to expand the ecosystem of this tool to give more opportunities to young people. Thus, he expressed the wish that in 2023, young people should enrol massively in this card. To do so, they just need to register online on the platform of the National Youth Observatory (ONJ) at and to go to the Multifunctional Centres for the Promotion of Youth which are located in all the districts of the country.

<< to young people, I ask them to stay connected>>

There is no better word to end with than these thanks to the President of the Republic, who has allowed young people to commune with the Nation. The Minister of Youth and Civic Education expressed his satisfaction with the organisation of the 57th edition of the Youth Day.

He also thanked the young people of the Diaspora who were present at the event, such as Dr Séverin KEZEU and many others who responded to the call of the Head of State to come and build the country.

<<After the exchanges we had with our youth, I think everything went very well >>.

The Minister of Communication, spokesperson for the Government, attributed this to the participation and dynamism of the Cameroonian youth. He also commended the quality of the answers given by members of the Government to the various questions of the youth. As a conclusion to be drawn from these exchanges, he indicated that many things are being done for the youth and the precision brought by the members of the government attests to this. From there, he invited the youth to go to the different ministerial departments to be aware of everything that is being done. << You will find answers that will open promising paths>>. He said. And paraphrasing the Head of State, he said to the youth: << do not despair of your country>>, concluded René Emmanuel SADI

Members of the Government enter the room

<<I am pleased to see that many members of the Government have

responded favourably to the invitation extended to them.

Thus, the Minister of Communication, René Emmanuel SADI said this meeting is the expression of the personal will of the President of the Republic who has put since 2019 this framework of exchange that is the Youth Connect Cameroon to be in contact with the Youth. For the Government Spokesperson, this is a mark of attention of the Head of State towards the Youth.

<< He said that many opportunities exist and should be known by young people, although the majority of young people are not aware of these opportunities, hence the importance of a meeting such as this one>>, said Rene Emmanuel SADI.
Also, he said that opportunities like these are not enough, it is a matter for young people to get closer to different institutions to have the right information.
Speaking about the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic which have disrupted the daily life of young people, the Government Spokesperson said it is a question of getting up and facing the challenges that lie ahead.


For the Minister of Trade Magloire Mbarga ATANGANA, the health crisis has led to a deregulation of supply chains, all accentuated by the Russo-Ukrainian crisis which has led to global inflation.
<< We are truly resilient, we are at an inflation rate of 4.6% if we believe the statistics of last year>>, he says.
Regarding young people, the measures implemented by the government concern global measures but specifically, it is a question of ensuring the improvement of the purchasing power of young people. This requires an opportunistic approach linked to the timetable and the emergencies that may arise. It is within this framework that Mincommerce deploys in partnership with economic operators, special caravans to meet students to offer them products at preferential prices. Thus, these caravans were deployed in the youth village as part of the district of the cheaper life.
Also, he said that with the help of MINJEC, a systemic approach has been set up so that young people are treated in a special way with differentiated prices compared to other social categories.

A young researcher asked a question about access to the internet at a reduced cost for young people.

A question that brings applause from the whole audience

<<Dear young people, you need to be connected, not in social networks, but to the internet in order to develop the digital economy. And for this, measures are being taken to keep the costs of the internet low>>

Thus, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette LIBOM LIKENG put an emphasis on the development of the digital and hence the digital economy. This development goes through the development of applications with incentives set up by the government up to the level of secondary schools. It invites young people to develop their projects. This is why a Technology Centre has been created to boost startups.

The Family Photo

Young people are proud to pose with members of the Government

📸 Family Photo of the Members of the Government with the Youth of the Diaspora