After the big parade on boulevard du 20 mai let's follow ⤵️⤵️ 📌 From MINEPAT amphitheater 300 The exchange between members of the government and young people

The entrance to the government.

A plethora of Ministers were present, including René Emmanuel SADI, Minister of Communication, who chaired the meeting, accompanied by MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU, Minister of Youth and Civic Education, as well as numerous counterparts including MIN-ETATS MINESUP and MINTOUL, MINEFOP, MINTSS, MINDCAF, MINCOMMERCE, MINSANTE, MINPMEESA, MINEE, MINEPIA, MINPROFF, MINFOPRA, MINADER, MINPOSTEL and MINIMIDT.

The first item on the program was a speech by the President of the National Executive Bureau of the National Youth Council, Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou.

After the customary greetings and thanks to the members of the government present, she offered a special thank-you to the President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr PAUL BIYA, for this opportunity for young people to meet up, get together and have their say in managing the problems of youth and even of the State in general.

She continued her speech by urging her younger peers to be precise, respectful and courteous towards their elders, who had mobilized to come and meet them.

She ended her speech by wishing everyone a happy Youth Day.

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Let's move on to the exchanges

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Answering the question of what MINTOUL is doing to support young people in finding and creating jobs, MIN-ETAT BELLO BOUBA MAIGARI reminds us that in the tourism sector, MINTOUL is the organization that offers the most job opportunities. He goes on to tell us about the various training schools already in place and being finalized to train young people in the various tourism and leisure professions.

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When asked about generational transition and the brain drain, MINTSS Grégoire OWONA tells us that transition is first and foremost natural, speaking of the life cycle common to all, but it is also governed by the labor code.
As for the brain drain, he tells us that the government is striving to create an environment conducive to the development of its citizens. He reminds us that this is a global problem, and urges young citizens, as the President of the Republic has done, to seize the many opportunities offered by Cameroon. He also admits that this brain drain can have a positive aspect, and encourages those who leave to come back and develop the country, because what's important is Cameroon's emergence.

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Employment is vocational training magnified And vocational training is budding employment.

This is the summary of ISSA TCHIROMA BAKARY's answer to a question put to MINEFOP, asking about the importance of vocational training.
According to him, this is an indispensable sector for entrepreneurship and, by extension, import substitution. He expressed his delight at the Head of State's decision to liberalize vocational training and reduce its cost to the level of university fees for students in Cameroon (50,000fcfa). He urged young people to take advantage of this decision in favor of youth.

On the question of the nationalization of jobs, the member of the government admits that there are often concerns about skills in relation to international standards. Nevertheless, he assures us that measures are being taken to ensure that Cameroonians are trained in these various trades when foreigners are authorized to work in our country.

We need to develop capital to be able to exploit the wealth we have," said MINEFOP at the end of his speech, emphasizing the urgent need for competent, trained, enterprising and above all productive youth in Cameroon.

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Speaking about the measures taken by MINEDUB to liberalize but also supervise basic education training, Dr. Asheri Kilo Vivian, Secretary of State at MINEDUB, reminded us that private individuals can open schools, but this procedure is governed by very strict regulations.
She takes the opportunity to tell us about the special basic education centers for children in need.

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The diaspora, which has not been left out of this exchange and is following us live from start to finish, is wondering about the phenomenon of emigration.
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Now it's the turn of MINJEC, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU to speak.

On the subject of the biometric youth card, the Minister tells us: "It's a card that enhances the value of young people.
It promotes both production and consumption, as the card enables young people to consume and their brothers to produce. The more young people, who represent around 70% of consumers, consume through the youth card, the greater the effect on production.

Talking about achieving the objectives of the SND30, the head of the youth department stresses that his department's projects and programs are in line with these objectives.

On the subject of emigration raised by the diaspora, he reassures this fringe of the Cameroonian population that his department takes them into account. He cites the diaspora youth return and integration assistance program and its sub-program, the diaspora and local youth joint venture, which welcome these young people and connect them to their local brothers and sisters, so that they can develop the country with their local knowledge.

He ended with a plea from the President of the BEN CNJC, who called for intensified exchanges with other ministerial departments, so as to have more arguments to give to her peers, and thanked all her counterparts who had come in large numbers to this meeting.

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🎙️Interview by Mr Malachie Manaouda, Minister of Health Publique👇🏾
Mr Malachie Manaouda, Minister of Public Health
The members of the government are installed 📸
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Now playing the Cameroon national anthem 🇨🇲
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René Emmanuel SADI, Minister of Communication, now has the floor.

The government spokesman begins by thanking the President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr PAUL BIYA, who has kindly allowed a meeting like this to be held in recent years.
a big thank you to his counterparts for their massive presence.
He goes on to tell us that the aim of this meeting is to mobilize young people in order to guarantee their participation in import substitution, a major thrust of the Head of State's policy in response to the various political crises that have taken place in the West in recent years, which have enabled us to raise our high level of import dependency.
This meeting is an opportunity to discuss current issues and raise common concerns.
He goes on to quote
Since its launch, the Youth Connect Cameroon program has enabled young people to connect with various members of the government, connecting many young people and creating many businesses.
The aim of this meeting with young compatriots is to enable them to find out more about the opportunities offered by the Republic, so that they can better deploy their talents.
He therefore invites his fellow government members to respond precisely to these young people before wishing everyone a happy Youth Day.

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Speaking in turn about the issues of employment and import substitution raised in a question addressed to him, MIN-ETAT Jacques FAME NDONGO talks to us about a revamped education system that meets new requirements.
He then lists the areas for action recommended by the President of the Republic

First of all, quality assurance
Students trained in Cameroon are unequivocally competitive in every country in the world.

Then the professionalization of teaching
Here he tells us that universities have adapted their training to the needs of society, and joining in with the import substitution he tells us about incubators in universities to encourage young people's entrepreneurship. He even adds that some universities are self-financing from the entrepreneurial activities developed within them.

He speaks of a standardized framework that is being prepared so that today's Cameroonian university is an entrepreneurial university.

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What's being done to promote young people's access to products made in Cameroon?

To this question, the MINCOMMERCE, Luc Magloire MBARGA ATANGANA, says that mechanisms have been set up to promote products made in Cameroon on the market.
He goes on to tell us that there are dozens of showcases specializing in the marketing of local products - a government initiative.

On the subject of product prices, he mentions the biometric youth card deployed by MINJEC, which gives young people preferential prices and numerous advantages when selling products or services.

MINCOMMERCE also encourages young people to become entrepreneurs, and tells them that his department supports young people by giving them a showcase to promote their products on the site👇🏾👇🏾 website.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-02-11-at-21.43.49-qjozr78fax6kmxfyclqnb2lg7qm6ti9wiaxjyl4ar4 Hangout entre les membres du gouvernements et les jeunes.
Promoting self-employment and developing youth entrepreneurship.

This was the focus of the speech by MINPMEESA, Achille BASSILEKIN III.

This member of the government tells us about the many initiatives launched under the patronage of the Head of State, His Excellency PAUL BIYA, over the past 3 years.

He then cites the Triennial Special Youth Plan supported by MINJEC, which today has financed many local young people and even those from the diaspora in projects in various fields.
He went on to talk about a program supported by his department, the Prototyping Support Fund (Fond d'appui au prototypage, or Fond proto), a business incubator set up to support the best young people's projects in partnership with MINJEC.

He urged young people to take note of these numerous projects and programs.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-02-11-at-21.46.25-qjozugq917nzes1kml7gzus2uqz9tk7j7xz2z4t26w Hangout entre les membres du gouvernements et les jeunes.
The future is promising

These are the words of hope from Pr FUH Callistus Gentry, Acting Secretary of State, MINMIDT, to tell us that his ministerial department is hard at work to boost the mining, industry and technological development sector.

Here he announces the production of made-in-Cameroon tiles in the town of Kribi in 2024, which will help to promote import substitution.

He also announced that an activity would be organized in May this year to inform young people about all the job opportunities offered by his department's sector of activity.

It was to answer the question of what MINMIDT is doing to promote import substitution and youth entrepreneurship.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-02-11-at-21.47.37-qjozx7faytf39u27m9varnvh87gt9s3clih2d6qq1k Hangout entre les membres du gouvernements et les jeunes.

At the end of these exchanges between members of the government and young people, the spokesman for the government, gives credit to the Head of State for having allowed such a meeting, which brings young people closer to the government of their country.
He reassures the young people present here that this is a government of service, ready to listen and to help the Head of State with all their might in implementing his vision for the nation.
He then praised the massive attendance of young people, the quality of their questions and their enthusiasm during the discussions, not forgetting the young people from the diaspora. He expressed his delight at the attention young people are paying to the country's development.

René Emmanuel SADI encourages young people to get in touch with the various ministerial departments to find out about the many initiatives set up to help them.

He then announced to the young people that he would be holding several meetings with them over the course of the year, before bringing the exchange to a close.

It was a pleasure to have the young Cameroonians in front of us.
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🎙️Interview of the Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou👇🏾
Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou
WhatsApp-Image-2024-02-11-at-22.13.05-1024x461 Hangout entre les membres du gouvernements et les jeunes.

It was the hangout between members of the government and young people. Last activity of the celebration of the 58th edition of the Youth Day.

Thank you for following us from start to finish during the 2024 Youth Week, which began with the official launch at MINTA and included
*the various forums,
*training of Mind Education trainers,
*the opening of the youth village,
* the world youth camp,
* listening to the speech by the Head of State, His Excellency Mr PAUL BIYA, to the youth, and many other activities punctuated by the big parade that took place this morning on the Boulevard du 20 mai.

We look forward to seeing you in February 2025, when an even more colorful youth week awaits us 🇨🇲 🤝🤝🤝🤝

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