Esplanade du stade Omnisports AHMADOU AHIDJO de Yaoundé, It's the opening ceremony of the Village Jeunesse.

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Cutting the ribbon.

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Mounouna Foutsou began his tour of the stands at the Association pour la sécurité des aliments stand.

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The Youth Village also celebrates Cameroonian cultures.

Mounouna Foutsou marks his passage at the stand of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism (CNPBM). ✍

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In terms of culture, we're in the neighborhood of ancestral know-how and heritage.

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Interview Alphonse Tankeng

Promotion de la Femme et de la Famille, Emploi et Formation professionnelle, Jeunesse et Éducation civique; 3 heads of ministerial departments on site.

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Brief explanations from Alphonse Tankeng, President of the Village Youth Commission.

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Biometric youth card: "a real tool for governance". Minjec talks to his counterpart Issa Tchiroma Bakary about the benefits of this card for young people.

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Did you say import-substitution? 😎

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Let's hear it!

Minjec Mounouna Foutsou delivers his speech; he's in the Import-subtitution Mon and economic patriotism neighborhood.

He says: "My intervention here in the new area of the youth village, called "Import-substitution and economic patriotism", is highly symbolic. For the National Organizing Committee of the 58th Youth Festival, it's a question of translating into action the High Prescriptions of the Head of State, HE Paul BIYA, who, in his end-of-year message on December 31, 2023, asked Cameroonians to integrate his vision of the import-substitution policy. "

Referring to the recent hike in oil prices, Mounouna Foutsou announced the launch of a campaign this very day. The aim of this campaign," he says, "is to use an awareness-raising caravan to pass on information about the reasons for the rise in the price of certain petroleum products, and to promote the attitudes to be observed in the face of this situation. "

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